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When business is done beautifully, it can change the world!
When business is done beautifully, it can change the world!
“Connecting the DOTS is what we do.”Mobility is an integral part of the world we live in.

The WSP/WSS of an organisation is generally done online using a SETA web-based solution done so through the administration of a company registered Skills Development Facilitator (SDF in short). This is done annually. One of the main objectives to the organisation in submitting these applications would be to facilitate the grant rebates such organisation benefit from when their applications is approved. For the SDF on the other hand though it becomes a daunting task to continue logging in online to view the progress of their submissions.

Ok so why the mobile application?

RemoteNet beliefs it is an integral part of what we have become as a society. The ability of a mere handheld tool allowing us being notified and having data and feedback at our fingertips.

What spearheaded RemoteNet moving into this space?

We were enlightened by the phrase of the honorable President Cyril Ramaphosa during his speech in October of 2020, “Local is lekker for economic growth”.

The 4th Industrial Revolution being the foundation of our innovation inspired us moving with the times and in addition bring online this local developed application.

Being a forerunner RemoteNet acknowledges that this application is setting the benchmark of things to come.

So, what does this application actually do?

The 2020-01 version has the objective to allow the SDF to be notified on the progress and steps their submitted WSP/WSS submissions are going through.

These various stages then trigger notifications that is “pushed through to the SDF” via this mobile app.

It enables the SDF to have an “On the Go” first-hand knowledge of all their submissions and the various status per submission.

Will I have to pay using the APP?

As part of our contribution to the Skills Development Framework of South Africa our “Ploughing Back Strategy” stimulates us to render this service free of charge.

Therefore, no licensing or registration cost to either the SDF or the SETA will be levied when making use of this application.

Are all the Seta’s on the APP?

Unfortunately, no. You will be able to see directly on the APP which SETAs are making use of the application.

You can however, also on the APP, request for those non-registered SETAs to become involved.

When will I be able to download the application?

The plan is for the application to be released for download and usage as early as December 2020 readying those key role-players during their 2021 submission cycle and beyond.

Are there any plans to broaden the scope of the application?

Most definitely yes. Future versions of our mobile applications will definitely look into the functionality of allowing the SDF being able to directly interact with the Mandatory Grant value chain.

Additional features are now being looked at where the application will be rolled out for learners being able to have their own progress related information, first-hand on the go via the mobile platform.

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