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When business is done beautifully, it can change the world!
When business is done beautifully, it can change the world!
Going beyond - it is in our nature!

RemoteNet’s Infrastructural Capacity

Our off-grid ESS infrastructure

RemoteNet being one of the first service providers in the SETA MIS solutions space had the foresight going the extra mile.

We heavily invested in going GREEN.

This allowed us to drastically reduced our carbon footprint in the environment to roughly 94% per year. This is massive if one compares the energy consumption needed servicing our clients in the ERP space.

Our current and future SETA clients being assured by our ability to be completely independent from the ESKOM power grid.

Your SLA for the hosted solutions side thus has a 99.9% guarantee in terms of power supply.

In addition, ensuring a 99.9% uptime with regards the equipment, networking and security thereof

  1. Dedicated 500MB/s optic fibre main internet connection up-scalable to 1GB/Second during peak time demand for submissions and when required.
  2. A secondary 50MB/s failsafe “always on” line-of-sight internet connection in case the main default connection is interrupted.
  3. The above is controlled by a 5 second delay failover switch from the main to the secondary internet connection, and reverse switching in cases the main connection goes down and comes back online again. This ensures end users are not interrupted should our main internet connection fail.
  4. State of the art firewall hardware.
  5. Dual failsafe ZEN load balancer management units ensuring the incoming traffic is split managing the load which also handles the encryption/decryption process.
  6. Dedicated dual web servers running the latest Windows Server each of which will have the full application running in parallel both for ensuring failsafe and traffic from end users
  7. Access to the web-based applications are done via thin client, i.e. a Web Browser with a secure High-grade Encryption (AES-256, 256 bit keys) connection (HTTPS)
  8. Dedicated failsafe dual SQL servers set up as a failsafe, each running Microsoft SQL 2012 database backbone which ensure database security and 100% systems allocation for SQL services required. Note that these are physical servers that are dedicated for the database management.
  9. Dedicated file server for the safe storage and retrieval of all documents from end users.
  10. The datacentre is equipped with a complete ESS solution.
  11. The on-prem datacentre is also equipped with a heat sensor with early warning and flagging.

DR in terms of backups

  1. RemoteNet has a full SLA with our ISP which host a secondary of premises dedicated Windows Server for the purpose of dedicated daily full backups of data and loaded files.
  2. Daily backup logs are posted to the client for audit purposes.

Design and testing

  1. RemoteNet makes available a dedicated development lab for the further enhancement of the application. This ensures that actual development is done in a secured environment and not on developer’s pcs.
  2. The development lab has the objective to do systems testing and signoff.
  3. Version control management of the design allows for the control of releases.
  4. It is in this development lab that the system’s capacity of scaling up to handle additional requirements are though roughly tested before it is released for end user testing.

Production preparation

RemoteNet believes that before the solution is rolled out onto the training lab and the live environment it needs to undergo the final phase. Here we provide, yet again, a dedicated stand-alone server for preparing the production phase of the solution.

Training and end user testing

  1. RemoteNet makes available a dedicated server with the sole purpose of end user training on a replicated full functioning application of the solution.
  2. This allows for end users to log into a test environment and gain experience without contaminating the live environment with test data.
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