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When business is done beautifully, it can change the world!
When business is done beautifully, it can change the world!
We introduce NetSys – Perseverance at its best

A Learner Management System for Training Providers

Netsys caters for all responsibilities relevant to an accredited training provider, both at the workplace and at an institution. RemoteNet realized, during our system development interventions, (which included previous systems like the PLRD), that simplicity and system automation is a key success factor in ensuring that a software product is ready for the market.

Our extensive experience and background in building a fit-for-purpose solution has, yet again, brought us back to the drawing board which was needed in allowing for a multi-system functionality whilst continuing to ensure simplicity and automating end processes.

NetSys Software Version 2014/9A (18 August 2014) now available for download.

New Installation

Click the below button to download the original software installation directly from this site.

Please note: New installation is to download the full latest Netsys and install on a computer/laptop that does not have NetSys installed on it. If your machine has NetSys installed, then please download the update patch below to update NetSys to the latest version.

Update Netsys System

Click the below button to download the update patch from our download server. (Important note: This demonstration video will take some time to open as it depends on your Internet speed)

Standard Pricing

A license is allocated for:

  • A single computer / laptop
  • Each system user if the software is installed on a terminal server
  • The below pricing applies to licenses ranging from 1 to 5 licenses per company
  • License fee includes VAT

Single License

Per annum


  • Cost per License: R3000
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Two Licenses

Per annum


  • Cost per License: R2493
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