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RemoteNet MIS Module: ETQA / Learnership / Apprenticeship

ETQA Module

ETQA Modules

  • Automated and integration to:
  • Apprenticeship achievement
  • Learnerships achievement and tracking
  • Qualification achievement and tracking
  • Unit Standard achievement and tracking
  • Provider / Employer (Workplace provider) accreditation and administration
  • Interface with NLRD supplied provider list for importing of secondary providers due to program approval
  • Assessor registration administration
  • Moderator registration administration
  • Learner and achievement administration and notification
  • Accreditation certification request and administration
  • Qualification achievement certification request and administration:
  • Apprenticeship achievement
  • NQF Qualification achievement
  • Stand-alone provider management system for the providers of the SETA/ETQA to manage:
  • Learner enrollments
  • Learner achievements
  • DG project reporting
  • Upload to SETA MIS system
  • Request for endorsement and certification of learner achievement
  • Direct integration with and from the SETA system
  • Automate the submission of learner achievement data
  • Automation of certification after verification from the SETA
  • Comprehensive report functionality for building own filters and queries
  • Comprehensive early warning flagging in terms of:
  • Provider accreditation expiring in 3 months
  • MIS sends out professional letters to providers notifying them of their pending accreditation that will elapse in 3 months
  • Assessor registration expiring in 3 months
  • MIS send out professional letters to assessors notifying them of their pending registration that will elapse in 3 months
  • All the required business rules are managed by the module, which ensure that both the system users and providers follow the required processes

NLRD Upload Module

  • Total integrated NLRD Upload module and file processing aligned to the NLRD Version 2 specification

Certification and Hologram Management Module

Automated stock (Hologram) management functionality:

  • Automate the management and distribution of holograms for:
  • Provider accreditation
  • Qualification achievement
  • Automate the generation and batch printing of:
  • Provider accreditation
  • Qualification achievement (Apprenticeship and NQF qualification achieved)
  • Record and manage spoiled holograms
  • Ordering of holograms
  • Report on:
  • stock on hand
  • issued stock per entity