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RemoteNet MIS Module: Levies

Levies Module


  • Interface with the financial system
  • Automated process in terms of the DHET files
  • Complete batch EFT request with source approval from DOL levy file import
  • Inform bank regarding batch payment
  • Generate journals:
  • Direct deposit journal/s
  • Mandatory grant disbursement journal/s
  • Discretionary grant disbursement journals
  • Auto-notification to SDF/Employer of grant disbursement
  • Managing SETA funds in relation to projects and NSDS objectives
  • DHET reporting
  • Automation of payment verification (both mandatory and discretionary grants) from implementation to supply chain to finance
  • Automated process to import monthly SDL files, supplied from DHET
  • Complete levy management to cover:
  • Manage SDL adjustments of prior scheme years and quarterly payment processing
  • Below threshold SDL indication and liability flagging
  • Administration funding/availability notification
  • Manage discretionary grant allocation
  • Manage allocation of penalty and interest into discretionary grant budget
  • Manage sweeping of unclaimed mandatory grant to discretionary budget
  • Second discretionary budget to SETA projects
  • Generation of electronic payment files for importing into accounting system and batch payment request to bank
  • Generation of finance reports
  • SETA liabilities
  • Scheme year indicators
  • Project Budgets and SETA commitments