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RemoteNet MIS Module: Projects (DG Projects)

Projects Module

Projects (DG Projects)

Discretionary Grants

  • Interface with the financial system
  • Project managing and interfacing with the ETQA related to learner achievement
  • Levy management functionality
  • Detail account/budget allocation
  • Sweeping of mandatory grants
  • Allocation of total available discretionary grant to SETA projects and activates the interactive projects module
  • Detail finance-related reporting in terms of commitments


  • Interface with DG commitments and SETA call
  • Interface with the DG module on the MIS
  • Complete project management and reporting module linked to:
  • SETA strategic objectives
  • SLA objectives
  • Contract management and archiving of signed SLA’s
  • ETQA/Learnerships
  • Module supply order numbers
  • Notify beneficiaries of payment requirements
  • Recording of all evidence + store actual documents within the system
  • Record project progress reports
  • Request/interface with finance division to release tranche payments
  • Supply auto correspondence to all parties

Invoice Tracking and Payment Progress Module

  • Tracking functionality on invoices
  • Flagging and notification
  • Supply auto correspondence to all parties