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RemoteNet MIS Module: SETA Governance

SETA Governance Module

SETA Governance

Meeting Management Module

  • Addresses the issues regarding the management and archiving of minutes. This is used in all aspects of the SETA structure

Call Centre Management

  • Call Centre Tracking and Tracing Module with DMS functionality for easy correspondence functionality
  • Log incoming requests
  • Auto allocate and e-mail client reference number to client
  • Zone request for follow up if needed
  • Build complete document library for easy reference, allocation and auto distribution to client
  • Track query handling
  • Flag responsible staff member regarding query
  • Tracks follow up and progress
  • Store and link all previous correspondence against each caller’s ID
  • Call up a specific client and view complete profile of client + all previous correspondence/queries
  • Link directly to central database or allow for the recording of specific client types depending on the various needs of the SETA
  • Allow for mass correspondence to a client type group or individual clients

Reports Module

  • Staff Usage report and analysis
  • Discretionary grants related
  • Mandatory grants related
  • WSP and ATR related
  • Skills planning and Qualification related
  • All ETQA related reporting
  • NLRD Upload file and ESA placements
  • Certification and hologram distribution
  • Finance related
  • SSP related
  • Detailed filter and sorting functionality with the ability to export directly into Microsoft:
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Etc.


  • Direct integration to the online QMS

Client liaison module

  • Automate the correspondence to:
  • Employers
  • Providers
  • Assessors
  • Moderators
  • Learners
  • SDF
  • Etc.
  • Auto generates and supplies the correspondence by means of MIS generated auto e-mails
  • Archive all correspondence and create a DMS (Document Management System) entry and receipt number for future access and reference purposes
  • Automates correspondence to providers

Skills Planning and Qualification Module

  • Caters for apprenticeships/Learnerships/skills programs, etc.
  • Caters for clustering unit standards in a qualification
  • Cluster unit standards formulating registered skills programs
  • Interface with the NLRD supplied IDs for Learnership implementation