Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery

RemoteNet offers its clients a secure Disaster Recovery Solution (DRS) that has been structured to provide the client with total peace of mind and that meets the requirements of audit practices.

The DRS configuration includes:

A secondary hard drive in the server situated at the clients’ premises that mirrors the primary hard drive. This provides an immediate backup solution in the event of a primary hard drive “crash”.
A “clone” server housed at the RemoteNet Data Centre (RDC) is linked via broadband to the client’s server and records every transaction live. In the event that the main server (situated at the clients’ premises) is totally destroyed (e.g. by fire), RemoteNet simply delivers and installs the cloned server (which now becomes the master server) to the client premises. RemoteNet acquires a new server to replace the clone server and ensures that the data transfer between the new main server and clone server is performed.

During the interim phase (i.e. from the time the main server is destroyed and the replacement is acquired) the users will continue to function online as a seamless transition allows the users to continue working on the clone server remotely.

RemoteNet has a further backup server located off-site that records any changes effected on the main and cloned servers every second day.

Cloud Computing

RemoteNet is a Certified Microsoft Small Business Specialist for the purposes of commissioning Office365 cloud computing for clients.

Microsoft Office365 is an enabler in this modern era of mobility and constantly changing environment that we all find ourselves having to operate in.  One is able to access all the information required directly from the cloud from anywhere in the world via an internet connection, a user name and a password.  Every user in the organisation will be operating on the self-same Microsoft Office software version as opposed to a diaspora of versions that do not really “talk” easily to one another.

We believe that it is pertinent to point out that RemoteNet would assist the entity in setting up the facility across the entity’s infrastructure and conduct the training required and would facilitate any contractual arrangement required with Microsoft directly although RemoteNet would not benefit directly from such an arrangement entered into.